Reality Check

Luke chapter fifteen begins by telling us the parable of the Lost Sheep.  As chapter fifteen opens there is this simple statement: “Now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to hear him.  And the Pharisees and the scribes grumbled, saying, “This man receives sinners and eats with them.””  How many times I have read this and missed the real truth that make me think twice about my own heart.  There are two types of people here, the Sinners and the Pharisees.  The Sinners are coming to Jesus and the Pharisees are waiting for Jesus to come to them.  I guess the shocking reality is that the Pharisees should have known who Jesus was, after all, they had committed their lives to studying the scripture and knowing how to apply it.  But, in all that study, they missed out on the heart of God!  I believe that God’s passion is to connect with each of us in a personal and intimate way.  He wants to talk with you about you.  Not talk with you about those sinners over there.

Pointing the finger is the oldest trick in the book for humanity.  Adam pointed the finger at Eve as if to say “Look at her and how bad she is.” And Eve followed the lead of her husband “Look at that serpent he is evil.”  On some level, we think “If I can get the focus off me and onto someone else, God will look past all of my sin and junk.”  As if God, who has numbered the hairs on your head, would ignore the sin and junk in your life because of someone else.

Often times when we realize that we have been missing the heart of God, we make excuses.  God does not want excuses, He wants to spend time with you, talking about you.  Do not miss this, the God of the universe, who created everything, wants to spend time with you!  He will help you clean up all the sin and junk that is in your life.  He will clean it up if you will acknowledge that it is there.  We have a choice: we can either come to Jesus with all of our sin, or we can wait for Jesus to come to us as we point out everyone else’s sin and junk.  Who do you want to be?


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